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Sanya 02 Nov, 2018 08:51 71190 5

Delhi's Air Quality Has Dipped To An Unbreathable Level And Nothing's Being Done About It

Delhi's helplessly submerging in the smog, yet again. 

With the onset of winters, the stubble burning across the states of Punjab and Haryana has begun. Where on one hand the rains helped Delhi clear the pollution a bit, the smog is bringing back the hazardous levels of polluted air. 

While the Central and state governments have devised several measures to prevent this by levying fines on farmers for burning crop stubble, the farmers say that stubble burning has been practised for years now and it is adequate and efficient as the machinery provided by the government is ineffective in uprooting the stubble from the ground and even if they use machinery, they need to set loose straw on fire.