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12 Quotes By Abhivyakti That Show The Deep And Dark Side Of Loving Someone 

Raat ka udhaar baaki hai, neind kayi hazaar baaki hai...

Yeh jo chal raha hai 

Bass dil bahal raha hai

Naa jaane kya ho raha hai

Mere andar hi mujhe kuch chubho raha hai...

There is something about romantic poetry which hits the right chords. Most of us have fallen in love, have had those days of separation and that is it. When life puts us into such situations we realise that love is not about all those flowery days, there are many crests and troughs. And, if you can walk through them, you are a real fighter. Here are some quotes by Instagrammer Ronak Tank aka Abhivyakti who is a 25-year-old from Australia. These quotes will show you the deep and dark side of loving someone.