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Divya Singh 18 Feb, 2019 13:09 73426 5

Bridging The Gap Between An Advancing World And The Very Real Disabilities Existing In Society

There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.

The pace of the world is quite rapid, like never before. It’s all about moving forward with the idea of making lives easier than yesterday for humanity, and eventually succeeding at inventions that were once only a propagator of the science fiction movies. A lot is changing; yet, does it entail the well being of all impartially?

The entire idea around specially abled people existing in society and a significant awareness in the modern world about the same is still quite a dwindling situation. Even if we have an overview of their situation, are we doing enough to provide them with the rights they very well deserve?

The question directs to all of us and the resolution of the rising gap between development as well as the discussion around disabilities is the need of the hour. Here is how we can put our efforts into fulfilling this purpose: