Guneet Bhatia 16 Nov, 2018 14:11 71495 7

By Adding 'No Offence' In The Comment, You Can't Get Away With Hate: Prajakta Koli 

Let me ask you a question, what is beauty according to you?

"No offence, but I can a see a pimple on your face."

"No offence, but that little white hair on your head is showing off."

In this age of social media, isn't it pretty common to see such comments on Instagram or Facebook? Okay, forget social media, isn't it common to hear it from our friends or family?

Well, that's what is referred to as beauty standard. A standard that God knows who made mandatory for women to live up, or else they aren't considered beautiful. 

And who bear the brunt of it? The stars we look up to.

And to understand what these people, who we call role models feel, WittyFeed reached out to famous YouTuber Prajakta Koli aka MostlySane to know her opinion on this ancient yet critical issue.