Ankit Raj Bachchan 18 Sep, 2018 14:24 69235 13

10 Songs From The 2000s I'm Kinda Ashamed Of Being A Fan Of

All the Himesh Reshammiya fans in the house, give me a Surooooooor! 

A wise and successful man had once said, "Life is a series of ups and downs and all you need to do is stay positive and go for your dreams."

Urgh! K. I get it. Probably that's how winners win in life. Probably that's what the secret is. 

But the real secret that winners actually don't spill out is that our lives are more or less a series of embarrassing moments, a series of things we did in full tashan when we were young but regret all of them, years later.

In fact, life's a lot like that word that WittyFeed's 'guidelines and policies' don't allow me to use - Hutiyapa. 

And a big part of all of our hutiya lives is our old playlist. That 'Maah Fvrts' collection of songs that really got us grooving or crying our hearts out. And this piece is an ode to all those bad decisions.