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AR Rahman's Biography Is Musical, Melodious And Notes Of A Dream 

To a man who made us all proud. 

A couple of minutes later, the man rises to his feet. He has somewhere else to be and is satisfied with the way things are playing out at No. 75 Nargis Dutt Road. He bids goodbye to the director and two executive producers and heads out. As he exits through the back door of the house and makes his way towards the compound’s gate, he walks past a pair of set electricians. They glance at him as he passes by.

For a moment nothing happens. Then their eyes narrow as realization begins to dawn. The man simply continues to hurry away, clearly still trying his best not to be noticed. The electricians stare after him even as his figure recedes into the darkness of the coming night.
The two electricians look at each other. Finally, one of them says to the other, ‘Woh A.R. Rahman tha kya?’

This is an excerpt from AR Rahman's upcoming biography Notes Of A Heart by Krishna Trilok.

Krishna Trilok is the author of the fantasy novel Sharikrida published in 2017. A student of commerce and marketing, his fascination for European and Asian history and mythology, combined with his love for movies and fairy tales, led him to write. 

Notes of a Dream is his second work.

Disclaimer: This story is written in collaboration with Penguin Random House.