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30 Images Of Anita Hassanandani To Prove That She Is A Woman You Can Crush On Without Guilt

Can we just take a moment to cry over how she's unavailable for this lifetime?

There are a lot of actors that the Indian television industry has blessed us with. Some who are appreciated for their performances, while others who are followed for their sense of dressing. But there are a bunch of actors, who've gathered a fan following for both.

Topping the list of such actors is TV's most renowned beauty Anita Hassanandani. The Ye Hai Mohabbatein fame is not just a beautiful actress but also a phenomenal fashionista in person. Her Instagram is filled with perfect photos of her dressed top to toe in perfection.

And here we are bringing Anita's Instagram photos for you to appreciate the beauty around you, if you thought you're missing out on some in your life.

Trust me; you'll end up following her fashion style, to say the least.