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Not Just In Films, Anil Kapoor Had A Jhakkass Love Story In Real Life Too

This 45-year-old love story is oh-so-adorable!

Bollywood has this concept of making us dream of really romantic love stories and how we fall for it! Some who make us wish to have something similar and some who make us want to never have something that doesn't have a happy ending. While we have a lot of reel life love stories to discuss, we have a few real-life love stories of our very own Bollywood actors to know of too.

And one very recent love story that has been floating all over social media is the jhakaas actor Anil Kapoor and his lovely wife Sunita Kapoor's love story. It was the people from Official Humans of Bombay who thought of covering their love story and make us all know how fairy tales do exist.