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7 Characters From Hindu Mythology Who Were Way Ahead Of Their Times

Ancient Indian literature subtly portrays the third gender and LGBTQ Gods. The stories have a vivid depiction.

Indian mythology has the most intriguing narratives and is celebrated across the world for epics like Mahabharata, Ramayana and Vedic literature.

Loaded with wisdom, this is one of the most read genre in our country. While these narratives depict profound heroes and heroines who have changed the world for good by honouring each other, they also subtly acknowledge third gender characters, change of sex, homoerotic encounters and LGBTQ gods and goddesses. The ancient puranas, regional folklore, folktales and performing arts represent different elements of gender and that is how we know that humans have evolved over the period of time but the third gender is something which has always existed. All these gods and goddesses were not an abomination, they were the pride of the society.

Here's the list of gods and goddess who are known for gender fluidity: