Sanya 07 Aug, 2018 06:27 67625 10

An Ode To Modern Indian Woman And All That She Is...

To everything that an Indian woman has become and is becoming. 

In India, the fate of a child is predetermined and sealed pretty much very early in his or her life. But more so, if it is a girl child. Even if a woman is earning her living, there are apparently some things only a man can do. Or so they said. 

But, flip through the pages of history and you'll find women constantly and unapologetically breaking every stereotype that has ever been established. From Kalpana Chawla to Falguni Nayar, women have been breaking stereotypes in every field. 

An Indian woman, lately, has been at par with tradition and modernity. She is making phenomenal transitions, shedding her conservative avatar and stepping into the shoes of a bread-earner, yet staying close to her roots.