Dhruv 05 Aug, 2018 07:16 67818 5

Let's Pause for a Bit and Appreciate How Valuable Rs 500 Still Is!

Our generation is obsessed with spending more money than valuing it!

Hustle. Hustle is a term that defines our generation today. We don’t ever like to take a pause. We’re always trying to move forward, so much so that we’ve forgotten to appreciate the smaller things that make some of the biggest differences in our lives. How many of us remember the joy of our parents handing us Rs 10 to buy whatever we wanted, or the charm of saving the Rs 100 that a relative had gifted us? In the pace to earn and spend more, many of us have forgotten the true value of money. Forget about Rs 10 or Rs 100; even Rs 500 seems to have lost its significance in our lives. 

We, the millennials, don’t think twice before splurging thousands in the blink of an eye to fulfill our wishes. Yet we often find ourselves questioning the smaller things that cost less and give us far more value. 

It is time to take a pause and appreciate how even small amounts of money still hold value and can make a big difference if spent wisely. Let’s look at a few such things on which you can spend your next Rs 500.